CMINOV partners with Calanques Valley, a Healthtech Startup Studio

CMINOV mandates Calanques Valley, a Healthtech Startup Studio, to set up the RHU* ICELAND project and organize the Consortium which CMINOV is the industrial partner.

*RHU: call for “University Hospital Research (RHU)” projects, part of the “Programmes d’Investissement d’Avenir (PIA)”, which finance about 15 innovative research projects in the healthcare field each year.

August 2021

Calanques Valley takes over the management of CMINOV’s operations and leads the €9 million Serie A fundraising campaign to finance the project over the period 2022 to mid-2025.

This amount will fund the product’s development until its first human trials (First In Man study), which are expected in 2025.