CMINOV industrial partner of the ICELAND project Laureate of the RHU 2021

A 17M€ project running over 5 years ( 5,5M€ of which are granted by the “Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir”) to develop a complete solution for mitral valve annuloplasty repair by transcatheter using the latest imaging and assisted robotics technologies.

Chosen among 89 projects competing for the RHU 2021 (University Hospital Research Program), ICELAND* aims to facilitate access to surgical management for the largest number of patients suffering from mitral regurgitation.

The project is led by Professor Marco Vola, an expert surgeon in mitral valve repair and minimally invasive and endoscopic cardiac surgery at the Hospices Civiles de Lyon (HCL), and is coordinated by the HCL. It is supported by excellence laboratories in the fields of image fusion, augmented reality, computer-assisted surgical procedures and robotics.

The 17 projects selected for this 5th RHU will share a €142 million grant provided by the « Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir » (PIA). The selected projects have a strong potential for rapid transfer to medical practice, healthcare management or industry. They combine the expertise of leading academic and hospital teams and industry to successfully bring the developed solutions to market.

*ICELAND (Intra Cardiac Echography integration in Landing an Annuloplasty Device for transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair).